Varmland Project


The Company acquired the Varmland project in early 2013. It is a large holding comprising two tenements (VM100 and VM101) covering 900Ha. located west of Stockholm on the border between Sweden and Norway. It covers part of a significant geological belt defined by a mylonite zone in a gneiss/diorite terrain trending WNW across Sweden and Norway.

To date little work has been done on the project since acquisition other than a remote air photo/Landsat review and several field reconnaissance visits by SRK International (Denmark). Work to date has identified some features of interest on VM100.

·       VM100 contains an anomalous trend over 1.7km (the Margan Trend) from where rock chip sampling obtained highest results of 3.15% Cu and 0.87 g/t Au from different samples, near historic workings. 9 out of 40 samples returned between 1.94% and 4.60% copper from old mine dumps with the remainder of the (limited) sampling returning sub- economic grades.
·       There are a series of historic shallow pits mined along the Magan and sub parallel trends but  mining of significance.
·       The Swedish section of the Magan trend is covered extensively by vegetation and till approximately 1m thick making exploration challenging.
·       The target for CZL is to identify multiple small tonnage, high copper ± gold deposits within Varmland over a period of several exploration campaigns.